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  • An August 2006 email reveals the frustration that at least one S&P employee felt about the dependence of his employer on the issuers of structured finance products, going so far as to describe the rating agencies as having ``a kind of Stockholm syndrome'' -- the phenomenon in which a captive begins to identify with the captor.
  • The Fed cited ``a pattern of misconduct and negligence'' at Litton in announcing its enforcement action against Goldman.
  • Carl Weinberg, chief economist with High Frequency Economics in Rhinebeck, N.Y., said Thursday that, in theory, the meeting could produce ``a meaningful agreement to ship grain from ample U.S. and Chinese stockpiles to the poorest nations,'' since doing so would be a ``refreshing source'' of action for the G20.
  • NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher described the weather as ``a shocker''.
  • Opposition Labour party lawmaker Shane Jones described the plan as ``a last-minute, panic-stricken stunt'' to include Maori in the tournament.