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What is the meaning of 8 bit in Hindi?

Meaning of 8 bit in Hindi is :

Definition of word 8 bit

Examples of word 8 bit

  • The manual says that should always be "8bit". is particularly good for editing po files because it has a special editing mode for them.
  • Merging the mechanics of Mario vs Donkey Kong with the visual sensibilities of an 8bit platformer, Kami Retro is a hyper-stylised treat of bleepy tunes and self-consciously blocky graphics.
  • Imagine LittleBigPlanet crossed with Pengo and Jon Ritman's 8bit classic Head Over Heels and what you have in your head is not a million miles away from ilomilo.
  • And to close out this fantastic week I leave you to the smooth 8bit tribute to the classic Miles Davis release Kind of Blue; conveniently titled Kind of Bloop.
  • The Wii has some potential to do what we all wanted to see on the 8bit era ... we all wanted Mario to jump higher if we moved the control upwards each time he jumped ...


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