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What is the meaning of Ac in Hindi?

Meaning of Ac in Hindi is : एस्

Definition of word Ac

  • But. (conjunction)
  • account; money of account (initialism)
  • acre (initialism)
  • air conditioning (initialism)
  • alicyclic (initialism)
  • alternating current (initialism)
  • ante cibum, before meals (initialism)

Examples of word Ac

  • My script is: - while (1) ac = ExternalPowered () if (\% ac\% = 1)
  • In such an ac - tion the daughter cannot be a witness to prove a previous promise o£ marriage in aggravation of damages, for she has a right to her own ac« tion for breach of that promise.
  • 'ac putaram paulo secus' and _Fam_ XIV iv 5 '_atque ego_, qui te confirmo, ipse me non possum', and instances of _ac tamen_ at _Fam_ VII xxiii 1, Caesar _BC_ III 87 4, and Tac _Ann_ III 72.
  • Get thee to a wiki - the great API challenge in ac ...
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