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What is the meaning of Ace in Hindi?

Meaning of Ace in Hindi is : सर्वश्रेष्ठ

Definition of word Ace

  • A single point or spot on a playing card or die. (noun)
  • A card or die face so marked. (noun)
  • A very small quantity or degree; a particle; an atom; a jot. (noun)
  • A serve won without the opponent hitting the ball. (noun)
  • The best pitcher on the team. (noun)
  • A run. (noun)
  • A hole in one. (noun)
  • An expert at something. (noun)
  • A military aircraft pilot who is credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft. (noun)
  • A perfect score on a school exam. (noun)
  • To pass (a test, interviews etc.) perfectly. (verb)
  • To win a point by an ace. (verb)
  • To make an ace (hole in one). (verb)
  • Excellent. (adjective)

Examples of word Ace

  • For example, not host vs and ace is short for not host vs and host ace which should not be confused with not (host vs or ace) Expression arguments can be passed to tcpdump as either a single argument or as multiple arguments, whichever is more convenient.
  • The ace is C.C. Sabathia, hands down one of the best pitchers in the league.
  • The Southsiders ace is Jake Peavy, and deservingly so, the guys has IT.
  • The Yankees ace is listed at 290 pounds, though he said he actually weighs 305, making him one of the heaviest baseball players of all time.
  • The pitching pitcher tonight, the Giants ace, is most famous for being - in the offseason pulled over with a small amount of marijuana in his car.


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