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What is the meaning of Acts in Hindi?

Meaning of Acts in Hindi is : कार्य

Definition of word Acts

  • Plural form of act. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of act. (verb)

Examples of word Acts

    • The first are acts good in themselves, _as acts_, apart from any intention of the agent which may or may not have been directed towards {196} "right."
    • Among other horrid acts Platina relates that he _rescinded the acts_ of Pope Formosus, compelled those whom he had ordained to be re-ordained, dragged his dead body from the sepulchre, beheaded him as though he were alive, and then threw him into the Tiber!
    • "The sole acts of variation, _i. e._, the only acts which rise above the limits of habits, and which we see performed in animals whose organization allows them to, are _acts of imitation_.
    • "The truth is," adds the same writer, "that the greatest security of all against jealousy in a wife is to show, to _prove_ by your acts, by your words also, but more especially by your _acts_, that you prefer her to all the world; and I know of no act that is, in this respect, equal to spending in her company every moment of your leisure time.
    • It appears that the actual Towers will be referenced in the book, although fans have also speculated that the title acts as a reference to the Tower of Ghenjei and the Black Tower, both of which are expected to figure prominently in the novel.


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