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What is the meaning of Adriatic in Hindi?

Meaning of Adriatic in Hindi is :

Definition of word Adriatic

Examples of word Adriatic

  • The dramatic hunger-strike was caused by weather occurences in the adriatic sea and the related efficiency of german bicyclers. please come and donate a small amount to restore the grievances of Austria's wine-region #2 Friday 15: 00 - streetcar station Volkstheater (in front of the Palais Epstein on the Ring) P.S.: Update: Meeting is at 15: 00, essential info will be handed out by 15: 15, the actual happening will take place shortly thereafter.
  • Tourists are transparently massaging there in to recruit the strapless groin and the disreputable apparels of the adriatic sea.
  • We didn't make it into the adriatic (it was bloody cold!!!) but we did spend some time lounging around which has been a needed change of pace.
  • It looked like you were up the campanile in venice in St Marks Sq. but no another guess Athens? although it looks quite adriatic in style.
  • The albanian smugglers would go by boat across the adriatic but once they were a good distance into the adriatic they would throw everyone overboard.


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