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What is the meaning of Aileen in Hindi?

Meaning of Aileen in Hindi is :

Definition of word Aileen

  • A female given name, Alternative spelling of Eileen. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Aileen

  • I called Aileen immediately, thanked her for the introduction, and said I hoped that the three of us could have lunch together in February.
  • And, to give you an idea what kind of guy he is, for all of his achievements, he’s the first one to say that Aileen is the one who deserves all the medals.
  • He was wondering if he should address her as "Aileen" or "Miss Armagh," when Octavius spoke:
  • He took his banjo in one hand, lifted his cap with the other and, standing so, bareheaded in the moonlight, sang with all the simulated passion and pathos of which he was capable one of the few love songs that belong to the world, "Kathleen Mavoureen"; but he took pains to substitute "Aileen" for "Kathleen."
  • Not only does he foresee such a time, but he foreshadows it, heralds it in some of his sketches, "Aileen" for one, by attempting it.


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