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What is the meaning of Alaskan in Hindi?

Meaning of Alaskan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Alaskan

Examples of word Alaskan

  • Was she speaking in alaskan, or code, what did hear speach say other than she is a quitter for a higher purpose. brown777
  • You got southern morons, east coast morons, midwest morons, an alaskan moron …. .the cornicopia of morons.
  • CNN is trying to become the new faux news. just who in the cnn news room is in love with this alaskan loonie. god help america if people like her ever amass any real power.
  • I know that the alaskan and canadian wolf seasons are always good and it seems the results in the lower 48 are decent.
  • A public land elk hunt with bow in the mountains. maybe a wolf hunt but the best would be like an alaskan slam maybe a brown bear, caribou, moose, and whatever I missed but will think of later and for fishing I'd like to get a 50+ inch muskie.


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