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What is the meaning of Alaskan in Hindi?

Meaning of Alaskan in Hindi is :

Definition of word Alaskan

  • Of, or pertaining to, Alaska or its people or culture (adjective)
  • Someone from the state of Alaska (noun)

Examples of word Alaskan

  • Ask any alaskan if they are American or Alaskan and see what they say.
  • His bill, which he dubbed the Alaskan Job Security Act, would reduce ACES 'base tax rate and progressivity feature, which raises tax rates when oil prices are high.
  • I don't plan on using it in Alaskan muskeg or snow over a 12 or 18 inches deep.
  • I mean in Alaskan wilderness the Grouse barely get out of your way.
  • The Wall Street Journal actually did a search for Abigail, and they could not find her in Alaskan Phycological documents.


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