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What is the meaning of Algerian in Hindi?

Meaning of Algerian in Hindi is :

Definition of word Algerian

Examples of word Algerian

  • (Three players from algeria team wounded when their bus is hit by a hail of stones from egypt fans, the attack is apparently planned by the algerian team, fans in algeria retort with vandalism in algiers.)
  • Be prepared for a pleasure lesson, a mix of algerian tradition and french electronic, italian erotic soundtracks and wild sounds, rawcus & soulfull, turkish psych & lysergic disco.
  • This group which is an offshoot of an alliance between Osama bin Laden's interntional terriorist network and an algerian Islamic Movement by name Salafist Group for Call and Comfort (GSPC) is reported to be utilising this strategy of using vehicles packed with explosives to deliver its strikes.
  • Link i thought it was an excellent article, i just wish the algerian youths get an opportunity to read this article and learn from it to get out off the vicious cercle their so called leaders got them into.
  • The rising of the State is not a neutral issue for the post-tribal “communities” that composes the algerian society.


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