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What is the meaning of Almira in Hindi?

Meaning of Almira in Hindi is :

Definition of word Almira

  • A female given name, in quiet use mainly in the 18th and 19th century. (proper noun)

Examples of word Almira

  • Later that evening after the girls had gone to their rooms in Almira's charge, Prudence said to Samuel May,
  • "Daphne," "Florindo," "Almira" -- with so much success that in 1707 he made a journey to Italy for further perfecting himself in the Italian style.
  • "Almira," Prudence said, "there is a jug of whey in the kitchen."
  • 'Almira' (1704), we see the Hamburg school at its finest.
  • Uncle Ezra took Pa in a corner and told him the best thing he could do would be to see 'Almira' and compromise with her, and that made Pa mad, and he was going to hit uncle
  • It was during his residence in that city that he wrote his first opera, "Almira" (1705).
  • His first opera, "Almira," was revived at Hamburg a few years ago with remarkable effect, and it is not at all unlikely that extracts from many of the other works will eventually find their way into the current repertory of the singer, as many of the arias already have.
  • He carried the rehearsals and the performances through with such spirit that it resulted in his being made assistant director, and two works of his were presently performed -- "Almira" and "Nero."
  • His first operas, "Almira" and "Nero," premiered in 1705 when Handel was only 20 years old.
  • a strange ring of regret and longing such as Almira had never listened to.