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What is the meaning of Alsatian in Hindi?

Meaning of Alsatian in Hindi is : एक प्रकार का कुत्ता

Definition of word Alsatian

  • English name for a breed of dog called German shepherd until the first World War, changed at that time due to anti-German sentiment. Still commonly used in Britain. (noun)

Examples of word Alsatian

  • That's their proper name and I slieve the Kennel Club have brought it in When they were brought here from armany after the First World War there was a It of anti-German feeling -- hence we used the iphemism "alsatian".
  • Do you go down the creepy faux-naïf road of Birdy and her Twilight-gothic torch songs, or do you move more towards the Britain's Got Talent-style conveyor-belt tactic of "X outshone everyone at her audition – even Margaret and her plate-spinning alsatian"?
  • Pointing to a fierce alsatian lurking in the rear, he declined their offer in a characteristically supercilious manner.
  • The parcel leans against a wall hectically Blu-tacked with Julian's drawings: from potato men sprouting arms and legs "My Mummy", to skyscrapers and towers and a not bad charcoal sketch of Raffael, their old alsatian, tattered but surviving.
  • Pinkish clouds lent the surface a pearly sheen and in she went, a long, perfect arc straight to the heart of the river, the deepest part, but with no thought for Raffael the rescue alsatian who leapt in and swam out to save her.


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