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What is the meaning of Ame in Hindi?

Meaning of Ame in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ame

Examples of word Ame

  • Piete [fervente] elevee par la Genie, nourrie par la Solitude, _fit naitre une espece d'inspiration_ [exalta son ame jusqu'a l'inspiration] _dans son ame_, et lorsqu'il quitta sa cellule et reparut dans le monde, il portait comme Moise l'empreinte de la
  • February 28th, 2008 at 1: 38 pm thecrotchalregion says: ame is the new same
  • This t enth anniversary edition of her first novel is being published to celebrate Martina Cole's bestselling career and to c oincide with the publication of her latest novel, Maura's G ame, which is the sequel to Dangerous Lady.
  • It reminded me of Daigaku Imo (College Potato), the Japanified Chinese treat of sweet potatoes fried and coated with hardened sugar syrup (which we call 'ame' or candy).
  • Is it at all possible that the "ame" / "amagaeru" / "amagi" thing could be related to that?


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