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What is the meaning of Americanization in Hindi?

Meaning of Americanization in Hindi is :

Definition of word Americanization

  • Alternative form of Americanization. (noun)

Examples of word Americanization

  • I am not in support of 'americanization' of Central Asia or destruction of national identity.
  • "americanization" of the immigrant, it contains four short stories of more or less permanent value, three of which I have included in previous volumes of this series.
  • In the series, americanization prevailed and the family moved to the suburbs.
  • I know a lot of soccer purists, including me, don't really like the playoffs thinking it yet another unnecessary americanization of the game, but if all playoff games were like last nights, I could lend tepid support to the idea.
  • And what you don't want, either tactically or back home in terms of politics, you don't want the americanization of a war that very much already looks like that.


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