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What is the meaning of Ang. in Hindi?

Meaning of Ang. in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ang.

Examples of word Ang.

  • Dowager; it is the unspeakable felicity vouchsafed by Heaven to the Emperor; it is the loyalty and virtue of those in high places, of Tseng Kuo-fan, of Li Hung-chang, of Tso Tsung-t'ang. '
  • The Master said, 'A transmitter and not a maker, believing in and loving the ancients, I venture to compare myself with our old P'ang. '
  • Fu Tsan explains, "HS 25 [B: 2b] says, ` [At] the northeast foot of Mt. T'ai, in ancient times there had been a place for a Ming-t'ang. '


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