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What is the meaning of Annamese in Hindi?

Meaning of Annamese in Hindi is :

Definition of word Annamese

  • A former name of the Vietnamese language, also called Annamite. (proper-noun)
  • A native or inhabitant of Vietnam or Annam. (proper-noun)
  • Pertaining to Annam. (adjective)

Examples of word Annamese

  • I did not wonder that the French soldiers have dubbed their Annamese companions-in-arms the "Young Ladies."
  • Jane spent ten days reporting on conditions in Saigon and came away convinced that the nationalist sentiment of the Annamese was far stronger and more widespread than previously believed.
  • A staunch anti-imperialist, he made no secret of his sympathy for the Annamese, and he obstinately inserted his political views into his dispatches.
  • General Gracey had decided that the Japanese were “not doing their stuff” and declared his men would “take strong concerted action and shoot armed Annamese on sight.”
  • The native Annamese, professing their willingness to die for liberty, retaliated, shooting up homes, burning shops, and ambushing foreigners.


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