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What is the meaning of Annamese in Hindi?

Meaning of Annamese in Hindi is :

Definition of word Annamese

  • A former name of the Vietnamese language, also called Annamite. (proper noun)
  • Pertaining to Annam. (adjective)

Examples of word Annamese

    • I did not wonder that the French soldiers have dubbed their Annamese companions-in-arms the "Young Ladies."
    • The native Annamese, professing their willingness to die for liberty, retaliated, shooting up homes, burning shops, and ambushing foreigners.
    • In a signed affidavit dated October 25, 1945, Major F. M. Small wrote: The general situation in Saigon reflects an intense desire on the part of the Vietnamese Annamese for independence and through hatred of them for the French and any other white people who happen to be in any way supporting or sympathizing with the French.
    • Jane spent ten days reporting on conditions in Saigon and came away convinced that the nationalist sentiment of the Annamese was far stronger and more widespread than previously believed.
    • British agents near Saigon were illegally dropping arms to French guerilla forces, which were using them to pummel the Annamese and put down the independence movement.
    • General Gracey had decided that the Japanese were “not doing their stuff” and declared his men would “take strong concerted action and shoot armed Annamese on sight.”
    • They went on shopping trips, explored the crowded flower markets, and visited out-of-bounds Chinese restaurants where they sampled the different cuisines—Fukinese, Pekinese, Annamese, Szechuan, and Cantonese.
    • A staunch anti-imperialist, he made no secret of his sympathy for the Annamese, and he obstinately inserted his political views into his dispatches.
    • Meanwhile, the French colonials blamed the Japanese for stirring up trouble and accused them of arming the natives, inciting them to riot, and even joining in posing as Annamese.