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What is the meaning of Annette in Hindi?

Meaning of Annette in Hindi is :

Definition of word Annette

  • A female given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Annette

  • Annette is a universally loved star who, by all accounts, never wavered from the sweet, shy, demure girl she'd always been despite her success.
  • DOUG: My favorite story with Annette is the first time that I ever met her I thought, first of all, she was kind of an ice princess.
  • He brought all his dandy knick-knacks, not forgetting a ravishing little desk presented to him by the most amiable of women, — amiable for him, at least, — a fine lady whom he called Annette and who at this moment was travelling, matrimonially and wearily, in Scotland,
  • Annette is an expatriate who makes a home for herself and her daughter in Paris; both her father and Ethan are shocked that she'd ever leave the land of her birth.
  • "We had royal guests last night," said the youngest of the maids, whom they called Annette, a slender blond girl.


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