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What is the meaning of Antarctic in Hindi?

Meaning of Antarctic in Hindi is : दक्षिण―ध्रुवी

Definition of word Antarctic

  • Alternative spelling of Antarctic. (adjective)

Examples of word Antarctic

  • You may have heard that some of the “computer models” predicted increases in antarctic ice, but they predicted increased “interior ice” due to increased snow fall.
  • BUt hey, if one area in the centre of the antarctic is getting more snow … surely that must contradict the hundreds of others signals that global warming is real.
  • As anyone coapable of reading at even a third grade level could easily understand by doing nothing more exotic than actually reading — so obviously entirelyt beyond your ability to even imagine — citing a single report on the collapse of arctic sea ice cannot possibly be construed as denying that ice in the antarctic was also under discussion.
  • This is not a surprising phenomenon as such an increase would be the result of increasing percipitation and this is fully consistent with a warming world as the antarctic is a desert and warmer climates tend towards more percipitation.
  • When the weather got fine, we took a walk round the island as far as the ridge that bisected it would allow, finding the elevated ground clothed with thickly growing trees, principally a species of spruce fir called the antarctic beech, which runs to a height of some thirty or forty feet, with a girth of five or six feet.


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