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What is the meaning of Antonius in Hindi?

Meaning of Antonius in Hindi is :

Definition of word Antonius

Examples of word Antonius

  • The New York Times reviewer called Antonius “an eloquent advocate” of Arab nationalism.
  • Cicero, in the second Philippic calls Antonius a catamite; but in
  • Is the little worm aware that one reason I stay so close to Italia is to keep the name Marcus Antonius alive in Italian eyes?
  • An opinion shared by a troupe of musicians and dancers who had hastened from Byzantium at the news of his advent in the neighborhood; from Spain to Babylonia, every member of the League of Dionysiac Entertainers knew the name Marcus Antonius.
  • Her Antonius is a bit of a lad, if you follows me, but not cruel.


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