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What is the meaning of Ara in Hindi?

Meaning of Ara in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ara

  • A taxonomic genus within the family Psittacidae — certain macaws. (proper noun)
    Psittacidae परिवार के भीतर एक टैक्सोनोमिक जीनस - कुछ मैकॉ।

Examples of word Ara

  • Riddhima Kapoor launches her label Ara, Bollywood actors Neetu, Rishi Kapoor, ...
  • Another leading home builder, Consorcio Ara, is investing 140 million dollars (1.549 billion pesos) to build 6,704 low and middle income homes in its "Real del Valle" development in the municipality of Acolman in the state of México.
  • After these things Saint Kiaranus made his way to an island by name Ara, which is in the ocean westward beyond Ireland a certain space.
  • When Koenig discovers four bodies in Ara’s laboratory he decides to bury or hide each one separately.
  • Peron hired Dr. Pedro Ara to embalm the body which remained in Ara’s laboratory three years until the fall of Peron in 1955.
  • At the boundary of Vaikuntha is a great lake called Ara, in which we bathe.
  • Another set publicized her dedication of a new shrine called the Ara Pudicitia, the Altar of Chastity.