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What is the meaning of Aristide in Hindi?

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  • Fr. Aristide is a Christian priest, by the way (laicized so that he could run for office, but as they say, once a priest always a priest).
  • Otherwise, a rather less than simple Google search did indeed reveal Aristide is in South Africa, not his original exile location of Central African Republic.
  • Aristide is curious of these and sets off to discover the mystery.
  • Aristide is a scholar of the Implied Spaces, travelling from pocket universe to pocket universe with his faithful cat Bitsy (an avatar of the planet-sized AI Endora) to see what lies outside of the known.
  • The only crime Aristide is guilty of is not following the Washington consensus, that is why he had to go.
  • Aristide is on the go, I'm the only one that can step in.
  • I pointed out up thread, but these folks seem not to get the point, so I’ll say it again: Father Aristide is a Christian priest.
  • “…” Aristide is the only president in our history who has done something for us,” said one voodoo practitioner.