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What is the meaning of Asian in Hindi?

Meaning of Asian in Hindi is : एशियावासी

Definition of word Asian

Examples of word Asian

  • I have all of my friends because of my exposure to the asian cultureÂ… because of alexÂ… at first he was a part of a group of threeÂ… chris, alex and timÂ… the CAT tribeÂ… then in eighth grade he went to parisÂ… he came back talking about asian prideÂ… that sort of tore the group apartÂ… me and tim were not asianÂ… we were sort of offendedÂ… but I kept hanging out with alex because he lived close, we had common interests, and home suckedÂ…
  • David, non-hispanic whites are 55% of US births and that percentage is steadily dropping (adding in asian kids with the white ones would only slighty change the percentage, and would slighty slow but not halt the percentage decline).
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