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What is the meaning of Asiatic in Hindi?

Meaning of Asiatic in Hindi is : एशियाई

Definition of word Asiatic

  • Asian (adjective)
  • Asian (noun)

Examples of word Asiatic

  • Asiatic Women, "which was translated by Captain Richardson, and published first in the _Asiatic Annual Register_ for 1801, and again as an Appendix to the Mirza's Travels.
  • It means a dawn of a new era in Asiatic civilization.
  • A small Navy command stationed in the Philippines was called the Asiatic Fleet.
  • Japan, the document continues, requires Asian food, raw materials, and markets; the US should encourage "a considerable increase in Southern Asiatic food and raw material exports" to avoid "preponderant dependence on Chinese sources" by Japan.
  • Accordingly, we Canadians should know more than we do about the point of view of people in Asiatic countries, how they live, how they are getting along, and what they think.


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