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What is the meaning of Assyrian in Hindi?

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  • I wonder, if "Nineveh" had been the term used for the assyrian empire as rome is/was used to describe the roman empire, whether or not the intentions of these ancient geographic descriptions would be more obvious.
  • If Nineveh had also been both a term term used to describe the assyrian empire AND interchangably a term used to describe the city, then the writer of the period might have been able to use other words that specifically identify the economic/resource power of the city locally from both its imperial influence and simply it's city walls.
  • Lastly, from an ANE perspective, it seems that shmita and dror/yovel were practiced by assyrian kings at times determined by the king.
  • The assyrian kings governed her either by means of viceroys, such as Belibus, Regibelus, Mesesimordachus, and


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