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What is the meaning of Auto in Hindi?

Meaning of Auto in Hindi is : स्व―

Definition of word Auto

  • An automobile. (noun)
  • A setting for automatic operation. (noun)
  • A writ (noun)

Examples of word Auto

  • I didn't know about the synonym search (e.g. "~auto loan" will allow auto to match car, truck, etc.) and the wildcards (e.g. "red * blue" will match occurrences of red and blue with one word in between).
  • Once you plug in the Wii MotionPlus dongle, the title auto-recognizes it and takes advantage of its added precision.
  • The term auto bias normally describes a circuit in which the signal grid of a power tube is referenced to ground, and the potential of the cathode is raised above ground through a cathode resistor (footnote 1), thus prompting the tube to adjust itself under operating conditions.
  • You've also got all these auto - what I call auto-performers, who are performing themselves, people like Divine and Mary Vivian Pierce, I mean, people who are really performing heightened versions of themselves.
  • Algore your guru of climate change said the auto is the greatest threat to humanity why are you still driving?


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