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What is the meaning of Ayn in Hindi?

Meaning of Ayn in Hindi is :

Definition of word Ayn

Examples of word Ayn

  • 390 A play on the word ayn, which means “eye” or the eighteenth letter which in olden times had the form of a circle.
  • For sounds that have no written equivalent in Latin script, they've gotten creative: for example, the number 3 is commonly used for the "ayn" sound and 7 stands in for the "ha," because their shapes closely resemble the corresponding Arabic letters.
  • What this says about libertarians (or at least, rand paul, ayn rand, and barry goldwater) is that they are willing to see other people forego a whole lot of their liberty in order to maintain every bit of their own.
  • While this is probably not true of U law, which strikes me as high indeterminate, its probably is true of the first amendment, which reads like it was srtiten by ayn rand or someone.
  • Anonyman writes in an email: "Although senate staffers may not know who ayn rand is, they believe that JtP has genuine wisdom to impart ..."


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