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What is the meaning of Aziz in Hindi?

Meaning of Aziz in Hindi is :

Definition of word Aziz

  • A male given name (proper noun)

Examples of word Aziz

  • When Aziz was transferred from U.S. to Iraqi custody, his family said they were worried about his health in Baghdad's Kazimiyah prison, where Aziz is now being held.
  • Aziz is already serving prison terms for the forced displacement of Kurds and his role in the state's execution of 42 merchants in 1992.
  • Landon spent a few months at Bayern two seasons ago, and Aziz is a hardcore Bayern supporter.
  • Shahriman proceeded to dower and equip his daughter; and Taj al-Muluk said to his sire, Of a truth, this young man Aziz is of the generous and hath done me a notable service, having borne weariness with me; and he hath travelled with me and hath brought me to my desire.
  • I called Aziz, and we rode straight to Taiyibe, over rough stretches of lava, trackless, and piled across with walls of broken stone.
  • I wonder if Tariq Aziz is going to get nervous when he hearsay the name Aziz coming up in this video game.
  • Fluent in English, Aziz was known as the international face of Hussein's government prior to the US invasion.