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What is the meaning of B in Hindi?

Meaning of B in Hindi is :

Definition of word B

  • The second letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. (noun)
  • A blood type that has a specific antigen that aggravates the immune response in people with type A antigen in their blood. They can receive blood from type B or type O, but cannot receive blood from AB or A. (noun)
  • The symbol for boron. (noun)
  • Hexadecimal symbol for 11. (noun)
  • IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for either glutamine or glutamic acid (noun)
  • The second letter of the English alphabet, called bee and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • The ordinal number second, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called bee and written in the Latin script. (noun)
  • A personality type of someone who is relaxed and easygoing and able to engage in leisure activities without worrying about work. (noun)
  • An academic grade, better than a C and worse than an A (noun)
  • Signifies a second-tier or second class of a given commodity, group, or category, as in B-movie, B-list, etc. (noun)
  • Alternate or secondary part, as the back side of a phonograph record. Contrasted with A, which is the primary part. (noun)
  • The seventh note in the C major scale. (noun)
  • byte (noun)
  • the number of balls faced by a batsman (abbreviation)
  • The quantity one billion (1,000,000,000), usually used to signify a sum of money (abbreviation)
  • The grade of pencil that makes darker marks than grade HB but lighter marks than grade 2B; a pencil with soft lead. (abbreviation)
  • Bishop (abbreviation)

Examples of word B

  • While Brooks gave highest marks to ABC ( "A"), Clinton a "B," and Obama a "D+," I'm scoring ABC with a C -, Clinton a B -, and Obama to B-- he'd get a B+ for not losing his temper, if I practiced grade inflation.
  • So far, at least 16 genes have been identified encoding 4 subfamilies of the regulatory subunits: B, B′, B″ and B′″
  •  She earned a B, a B+, a grudging A -; her grammar improved as she read and worked in her other classes.
  • If he were a teacher, and not a senior White House adviser and the towering former chairman of the Federal Reserve, he says, he would have given the new rules just an ordinary B-- not even a B-plus.
  • Overall, I would grade our outlook a B/B+, but lean towards the B+.


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