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What is the meaning of B. in Hindi?

Meaning of B. in Hindi is :

Definition of word B.

  • Bachelors degree (usually followed by an abbreviation indicating the specific discipline). (abbreviation)

Examples of word B.

  • PAPER B. Paper B._ (page 193) gives a list of all the B.itish Ocean Mail Lines_.
  • “Nota: to be read in connection with B. and C. “B.
  • In 2009, an Iranian defector told U.S. authorities that, while imprisoned by Iran's Revolutionary Guard, he saw the name B.
  • BY DARK HACKBERRY Holland and Pam Tibbs had had no luck finding the residence that might have been occupied by the man using the name B.
  • TUCHMAN: And that's putting it mildly, the person with knowledge of the current financial situation said, Jackson was spending $2 million a month on what he called B.S. Over the year, Jackson bought the Neverland ranch near S.nta Barbara for just shy of $20 million.


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