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What is the meaning of Baku in Hindi?

Meaning of Baku in Hindi is : बाकू

Definition of word Baku

Examples of word Baku

  • i didn't say this before, but my triathlon weekend was my best in baku since being here. other reasons why this was the case: i got to spend a lot of time with a friend i never see, jeremy. also, jeremy has a contact in the american embassy and we got to stay with his friend while being in Baku.
  • I live in baku, but i’ve never heard about this hotel. i saw pics in interne, but didnt pay attention, because i thought it is just a joke. .but now i think it is true. .it will be so cool. .i like it
  • Ku berpikir begini, aceh sudah memiliki satu pattern yang baku akan sebuah konsep keilmuan islam berbentuk dayah, namun harus disadari terkadang pastinya ada saja produk anak desa yang berlainan ke arah yang tidak terkontrol oleh dayah.
  • But a mystical animal called baku appears and devours all the nightmares and transforms them into "beautiful dreams" to create a world of harmony.
  • NOPE. i had to go TODAY. someone else thought maybe there was a direct flight to london, but i'd have to travel into baku to get a physical ticket in the afternoon.