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What is the meaning of Balinese in Hindi?

Meaning of Balinese in Hindi is :

Definition of word Balinese

Examples of word Balinese

  • The word Legong comes from a word Leg, which mean slow dance movement in balinese.
  • Totally cool, the green grass and sunshine with the balinese ensemble of the Kali Yuga to accompany it all without leaving my cube.
  • Their colour is Tabby & White and are $20.00 for the right person. we have four beautiful kittens looking for homes. 1 girl, 3 boys, 6 weeks old and VERY gorgeous!! the mother is a beautiful balinese, and father is unknown.
  • Now back to my search for balinese kitten sale information!
  • The lil woman sees me and straight away she's on to making it, she knows too well that im going to her now lol .... at least i can say thank you in balinese now though so i can offer her that lol.


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