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What is the meaning of Balkanization in Hindi?

Meaning of Balkanization in Hindi is : विभाजन द्वारा फूट

Definition of word Balkanization

  • Alternative capitalization of Balkanization (noun)

Examples of word Balkanization

  • The term balkanization comes from the name of the Balkan Peninsula, which was divided into several small nations in the early twentieth century.
  • The curious notion that in balkanization, protectionism and parochialism there is strength, flies in the face of history.
  • Let's be clear: Israeli strategic planners such as Oded Yinon have called the balkanization of the entire middle east in order to make way for "Greater Israel".
  • Feinstein said the intelligence community needs "a strong leader" or else the "balkanization" of the 16 agencies that make it up will continue.
  • "You could argue that recent immigration is creating a kind of balkanization," Lichter said.


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