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What is the meaning of Balkanization in Hindi?

Meaning of Balkanization in Hindi is : विभाजन द्वारा फूट

Definition of word Balkanization

  • A geopolitical term to describe the fragmentation of a region into several small states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with each other. (proper-noun)
  • Any disintegration process, such as that of the Internet being divided into separate enclaves. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Balkanization

  • McINTYRE: Well, Tom, as you know, the term Balkanization started in the early 20th century to mean a big country being broken up into smaller, often hostile regions.
  • The only parallel I can think of, in terms of subdividing things into non-viable states, is South Africa, with its process of Bantustanization (if Balkanization is a word, why not?).
  • We are in danger in this country today of an intellectual 'Balkanization' - where people rigidly adhere to opinions and beliefs and refuse to accept or even acknowledge people who may hold different or opposing views.
  • The most dangerous word used in propaganda against us in 'Balkanization' -- as if to suggest that all these regions had become unstable and liable to Balkan quarrels.
  • The principle of self-determination, or what was facetiously termed the Balkanization of Europe, was at first applied to that territory and a semi-independent state created _in petto_ which was to contain eight million inhabitants and be linked with Poland.


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