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What is the meaning of Bastille in Hindi?

Meaning of Bastille in Hindi is : किले का कैदखाना

Definition of word Bastille

  • A prison in France, the storming of which in 1789 CE began the French Revolution. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Bastille

  • These are questions which naturally intrude themselves on the mind, when one surveys the turrets of this new Bastille -- for, whether a place of confinement for state-prisoners be called _La Bastille_ or _Le
  • Yes, more like that, except the Bastille is ultra-hip with concrete floors and no furniture.
  • Bastille is good for the evenings, plenty of bars and restaurants are waiting for you (start in Rue Faubourg St-Antoine)
  • It was disposed to regard as a hostile act the circumstance that she kept a special holiday, of which nothing was known except from her statement that it referred to the fall of somebody or other whom she called the Bastille, in suspicious proximity to the detested battle of the Boyne; but when it was observed that she did nothing worse than dance upon the flags “avec ze leetle bébé” of the tenant in the basement, and torture her “Dootch” husband with extra monkeys and gibes in honor of the day, unfavorable judgment was suspended, and it was agreed that without a doubt the “bastard” fell for cause; wherein the alley showed its sound historical judgment.
  • I'd been walking for hours when I stumbled upon a tiny Crepe shop in Bastille.


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