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What is the meaning of Beadle in Hindi?

Meaning of Beadle in Hindi is : चपरासी

Definition of word Beadle

  • a parish constable, a uniformed minor (lay) official, who ushers and keeps order (noun)

Examples of word Beadle

  • Other brewers 'draymen became obstreperous too, one calling the beadle that stopped him "a rogue" and another vowing that if he knew the beadle "he would have a touch with him at quarterstaff."
  • In this piece of cloth is carried a box containing a stuff to chew called beadle nut.
  • The beadle is a very grand personage, and his appearance sufficiently indicates this fact.
  • I once ventured to tell him that even a beadle was a sacred being in his eyes, and he did not deny the soft impeachment.
  • The beadle was the next person who came into my head.
  • The beadle is the only sober man in the composition except the pawnbroker, and he is mightily indifferent to the orphan-child crying beside its parent's coffin.
  • They were at first five in number, but afterwards increased to ten; they had no external mark of dignity, except a kind of beadle, called
  • The "beadle" group of names has been confused with
  • This is done to create an awe and respect towards him in the eye of the vulgar; but lest it should elevate him too much in his own opinion, in order to his humiliation he receives every evening in private, from a kind of beadle, a gentle kick on his posteriors; besides which he wears a ring in his nose, somewhat resembling that we ring our pigs with, and a chain round his neck not unlike that worn by our aldermen; both which I suppose to be emblematical, but heard not the reasons of either assigned.
  • Oops - Forgot that I spoke to jeremy beadle on the old "Talk Radio" back in 1994!