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What is the meaning of Beas in Hindi?

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Definition of word Beas

Examples of word Beas

  • According to legend, on reaching the Hyphasis River today known as the Beas, in Pakistani Punjab, Alexander shed tears of frustration because there were no lands left for him to conquer.
  • 'Beas'ly temper, sir, the Viscount' ave, 'said the waiter with feeling.
  • It's not as if you're asking Beasley, "Beas", as another tattoo says, to "Beas" a leader.
  • Hyphasis: The modern Beas River in northern India, where a mutiny of his men forced Alexander to turn back from his planned invasion of the Ganges valley.
  • Veloz's daughter Regina Cabrales alleges that Beas negligently operated her vehicle "without keeping a proper and sufficient outlook."
  • She also claims that Beas was driving while using an electronic communication device, an act that was made illegal in Illinois in 2009.