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What is the meaning of Bede in Hindi?

Meaning of Bede in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bede

Examples of word Bede

  • There are many triads found in Bede's History (such as Aidan of Lindisfarne's 3 miracles worthy of remembrance) even if Anglo-Saxonists don't usually recognize them as such.
  • For you must remember that although we call Bede the Father of English
  • This boy we know as Bede, and when he was seven years old his friends gave him into the keeping of the Abbot of Wearmouth.
  • Bede is of opinion that Pilate scourged Jesus himself with his own hands, because it is said, He took him and scourged him, that it might be done favourably.
  • I recall Bede had a lot to say about this battle, which took place in his lifetime.


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