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What is the meaning of Begin in Hindi?

Meaning of Begin in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word Begin

  • To start, to initiate or take the first step into something. (verb)
  • Beginning; start. (noun)

Examples of word Begin

    • I shall begin -- yes, I shall _begin_ with a course of the Norwegian theatres.
    • Then, just _one more_ glimpse at the evening paper -- and you would begin ... oh yes! you _would begin_!
    • I will simply assure you, that meaning to begin work in deep earnest, _begin_ without affectation, God knows, -- I do not know what will help me more than hearing from you, -- and therefore, if you do not so very much hate it, I know I _shall_ hear from you -- and very little more about your 'tiring me.'
    • For first you had to be created, only that; and then, in my time; and then, not in Timbuctoo but Wimpole Street, and then ... the strange hedge round the sleeping Palace keeping the world off -- and then ... all was to begin, all the difficulty only _begin_: -- and now ... see where is reached!
    • And they really do form a whole leadership language of sorts that those of us Leading Without a Title begin to speak to each other.


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