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What is the meaning of Bel in Hindi?

Meaning of Bel in Hindi is : बेल

Definition of word Bel

  • A measure of relative power, defined as log10(P 1/P 2), where P1 and P2 are the measured and reference power respectively. See also decibel. (noun)

Examples of word Bel

  • I called the bel air police department and they said it was a meteor
  • And said "you’re moving with your aunte and uncle in bel-air"
  • As the 19th century progressed, Italian composers Rossini (pictured right), Donizetti and Bellini continued to compose lyrical scores – their writing privileged the expressive power of the human voice in what has become known as the bel canto (beautiful singing) style.
  • Acclaimed "La Stupenda,"– "the Stupendous One"– during a career spanning more than four decades, Sutherland was known in the opera world as an "anti-diva" diva whose warm vibrant sound and subtle coloring helped revitalize the school of early 19th-century Italian opera known as bel canto.
  • Samt und Säbel aka Captain Sinister's Lady, by Darlene Marshall, is now available from RandomHouse.de.


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