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What is the meaning of Bell in Hindi?

Meaning of Bell in Hindi is : संगीत पात्र

Definition of word Bell

  • A percussive instrument made of metal or other hard material, typically but not always in the shape of an inverted cup with a flared rim, which resonates when struck. (noun)
  • The sounding of a bell as a signal. (noun)
  • A telephone call. (noun)
  • A signal at a school that tells the students when it's time to change classes during the day. (noun)
  • The flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument. (noun)
  • Any of a series of strokes on a bell (or similar), struck every half hour to indicate the time (within a four hour watch) (noun)
  • The flared end of a pipe, designed to mate with a narrow spigot. (noun)
  • To attach a bell to. (verb)
  • To shape so that flares out like a bell. (verb)
  • To telephone. (verb)
  • To bellow or roar. (verb)
  • The bellow or bay of certain animals, such as a hound on the hunt or a stag in rut. (noun)

Examples of word Bell

  • Pulchre's bell_, the great bell of St. Sepulchre's Holborn, close to Newgate, always begins to toll a little before the hour of execution, under the bequest of Richard Dove, who directed that an exhortation should be made to "... prisoners that are within, Who for wickedness and sin are appointed to die, Give ear unto this passing bell."
  • October 31 was a good day with a "vigorous, buoyant rally from bell to bell".
  • The _passing bell_ is of older date than the canon of our church, which directs "that when any is passing out of this life, a bell shall be tolled, and the minister shall not then slack to do his duty.
  • For example, when he hears or sees the word bell he sees a series of undulating purple lines, but he also tastes something bitter on his tongue.
  • You can skip the costume, but the bell is a must.www. cowbell.com


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