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What is the meaning of Belle in Hindi?

Meaning of Belle in Hindi is : सुन्दरी

Definition of word Belle

  • An attractive woman. (noun)

Examples of word Belle

  • "Louisa Castlefort, _si belle, si belle_, so beautifully dressed!"
  • Though, fair demoiselles, I have been chosen the belle, I feel as I gaze upon the galaxy of beauty around me that I, "she added in gay tones," have no occasion to blush at my own loveliness, for I feel that the gods have been so lavish in their gifts of everything that is lovely that they have surely become bankrupt and have kept no charms for me, and that Monsieur Eau Clair must have looked at my poor graces through rose-coloured spectacles when he called me _la belle_ and made me the recipient of gifts fit for a queen.
  • Sharon Lawrence as the fading southern belle is great.
  • I chose it to serve as a first qualifier of the period label belle époque.
  • "Oh, yes; you are Kaolin's sister -- her they call the belle of the tribe; your name's Nacena."


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