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What is the meaning of Bern in Hindi?

Meaning of Bern in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bern

  • The capital of Switzerland and of the canton of Bern. (proper noun)

Examples of word Bern

  • Report on the Second gathering of the International Federation Juventutem in Bern, Switzerland, February 21-22, 2009 (www. juventutem.org).
  • A similar declaration will be signed with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Sch ä uble on Oct. 28 in Bern, according to the Swiss authorities.
  • The reason we were in Bern was for the International Berner Damen-Cup, where many of the top teams around the world plus all ten Olympic teams were in the competition.
  • It was exciting to arrive in Bern, it has been about six years since the last time I was there.
  • Bern is the capital of Switzerland and also where the Toblerone candy bar (my favorite) was originally made.
  • Harte worked with relative impunity from his offices in Bern and Copenhagen, answerable only to the International
  • He also worked in Bern, taking on the responsibility of locating American prisoners of war in Germany.
  • In addition, the American YMCA staff in Bern continued to edit and print large numbers of Russian textbooks, which the Association imported into Germany. 16
  • Working through the German legation in Bern, the Association established an extensive book exchange system for POWs.
  • While traveling between France and Italy, he stopped first in Bern, Switzerland, where he held meetings with Christian Phildius and Archibald Harte regarding World's Alliance WPA operations, which were supported by American YMCA funds.