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What is the meaning of Bernard in Hindi?

Meaning of Bernard in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bernard

  • A male given name. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम।

Examples of word Bernard

  • In the trials, Phelps, Jason Lezak and Garrett Weber-Gale swam the 100 freestyle under 48 seconds (the world record, held by France's Alain Bernard, is 47.5 seconds).
  • I agree with MS Palin that the photo of the battlefield death of Marine Joshua Bernard is a sacred image but I think that it is an image that we Americans all need to see and to take into our hearts and minds.
  • Luca didn’t look at him or nod his head or give any indication that he so much as heard a word Bernard said.
  • Once again Bernard Cornwell outdoes himself in this wonderful new series.
  • Fans of "The Office" know that the character Andy Bernard is obsessed with his a cappella alma mater, Cornell's Here Comes Treble.
  • Bernard is right that the down payment requirement really is imposed to protect the lender to keep the borrower from walking away if the home loses a percentage of its value.
  • Bernard is correct; convenience yield is a big issue here and a big reason why backwardation in oil futures markets doesn't track interest rates at all well.
  • Laughs ensue when Bernard is forced to hole up in a fast-food joint to pass the time.
  • "The Cohns are pleased there is no allegation that they had sought to deceive anyone or knowingly participated in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme," Mr. Paradise said.