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What is the meaning of Bert in Hindi?

Meaning of Bert in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bert

  • A diminutive form of male given names containing the element bert, also used as a formal given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Bert

  • BERT COOPER: Too busy in the men's room singing "I Believe In You" to himself, a song with new life to its lyrics these days, poor Bert forgets to vote.
  • Consider This: The name Bert will always call to mind the cranky Sesame Street character.
  • #439 Saddam stole Bert from the Sesame Street cast, and Bert is actually the one who turned Saddam evil.
  • Rumors of them meant to be homosexuals should not be taken seriously, besides Bert is always hitting on women.
  • Bert is right, it is an international station and I'm sure the international partners are eager to get more time on it.


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