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What is the meaning of Bes in Hindi?

Meaning of Bes in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bes

Examples of word Bes

  • Then I ate some food and, calling Bes, made ready to start for the palace.
  • 'Bes' go an 'rub a bit more chilli powder on them salamanders or their tails'll be hangin' off 'em next.
  • The monstrosity had been nicknamed "Bes," after the monstrous dwarf god of
  • After this the feast went on without further incident for a while, the Easterns always drinking more wine, till at length the tables were cleared and all of the meaner sort departed from the hall, save the butlers and the personal servants such as Bes, who stood behind the seats of their masters.
  • You will be rich also, Bes, that is, if we can take the gold I won with us, since half of it is yours. "


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