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What is the meaning of Besant in Hindi?

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Definition of word Besant

Examples of word Besant

  • Besant and Bradlaugh agreed not to publish, and at least won their liberty.
  • Besant sounds like a fascinating woman, the kind of person we need more of in this world.
  • I wanted to write about Annie Besant primarily because I admired her for her courage.
  • Back in 1877, Annie Besant and Charles Bradlaugh found themselves in front of the Lord Chief Justice, defending their publication of a small book in a trial that was described as ‘one of the most critical in the history of our liberties’.
  • For their troubles, Besant and Bradlaugh stood in the dock accused of circulating obscene material calculated to deprave public morals and faced the likelihood of a lengthy stretch in jail.
  • Besant had decided to conduct her own defence, and for two days she spoke eloquently and compellingly about the reasons for its existence.
  • Jessica Douglas-Home/ The Imperial On the way back, Ms. Wingfield was joined by Anne Besant and Krishnamurthy, leaders of the Theosophic religous movement.
  • During my twenties, esotericists like Annie Besant and Dane Rudhyar, the renowned astrologer and modern
  • As a beneficiary of her wisdom, I salute Annie Besant.
  • This was not going to happen if Annie Besant had anything to say about it.