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What is the meaning of Besant in Hindi?

Meaning of Besant in Hindi is :

Definition of word Besant

  • Alternative form of bezant. (noun)

Examples of word Besant

  • I refuse your munificence; a besant from your worthy hand, or that of your noble-minded lady, were centupled in its value, by the eminence of the persons from whom it came.
  • If I do not carry away thy head with me, I am not worth a counterfeit besant.
  • And she arranged the service thus: every knight offered a candle and a silver penny, and the King offered a candle and a besant; all at the expense of my Lady of Sajetta.
  • Thus it befell, that they slew my Lord of Courtenay's sentry, and left him Lying on a table, and cut off his head, and carried it away with them; and this they did because the Sultan used to give a golden besant for every Christian's head.
  • On a time when he was sick and vexed with the fevers, and saw that he approached his end, he said: I yield to thee thankings for thou hast heard my wretchedness praying thy goodness that at my death should be found with me but one besant or one piece of money, and that yet I command to be given to the poor.


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