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What is the meaning of Bess in Hindi?

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Definition of word Bess

Examples of word Bess

  • Five People Born on January 21 babyface nelson, birthdays, cinderella man, cleveland browns, elian gonzalez, Ira gershwin, James J. Braddock, otto graham, porgy and bess
  • Final word is I want the opportunity to choose the plan that best suits my needs not a corporate bottom line, executive compensation package, or shareholders returns of a health insurance company. bess
  • No matter what any body says and how often they say it, it is racism and they resent having an African American president, but guess what, get over it! bess
  • Whereas, the "right" (a.k.a. plutocrats) will never like decisions made by committee. bess
  • If it is clear as mud, so much that it takes the overlapping of two provisions to reach a possible aanswer, why would Democrats prefer this muddled mess to putright clarlity unless they want the language to be ambiuous enough for future re-interpretation? bess