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What is the meaning of Bess in Hindi?

Meaning of Bess in Hindi is :

Definition of word Bess

  • A diminutive of theĀ female given name Elizabeth (proper noun)

Examples of word Bess

  • Your Bess is the lady, full of natural refinement, grace, and beauty.
  • Gershwin's Porgy and Bess is deemed by many as the "Great American Opera" -- why do you think this work has made such an impact on our culture?
  • Unsettled by this, Bess is about to take her leave when sudden tragedy envelops her.
  • While Bess is sure-handed as the punt returner and usually makes the first man miss, he only averaged 7.5 yards per return with a long of 22 and doesn't have the speed to return kickoffs.
  • There are a few adjustments still needed to the WVO system, and sweet Bess is showing her years in the Minnesota winters by demurely requesting some unrelated repairs.
  • Porgy and Bess is a buncha good songs but has nothing to do with race relations, which is the flag of convenience under which it sailed.
  • My sister and I made the rounds with neighborhood Chinese restaurants, and Bess is loaded with a full tank of clean oil and another tank of oil on standby for dewatering and filtering.
  • You can bet a lot of people's Aunt Bess is peeing in the water around Cancun, and especially the beer drinkers.