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What is the meaning of Best in Hindi?

Meaning of Best in Hindi is : हार्दिक सम्मानअ

Definition of word Best

  • superlative form of good: most good. (adjective)
  • superlative form of well: most well. (adverb)
  • The supreme effort one can make (noun)
  • The person (or persons) who is (are) most excellent. (noun)
  • To beat in a contest; to surpass in skill or achievement. (verb)

Examples of word Best

  • See best toys for newborn to 3-month-old babies,  best toys for babies 4-10 months old, and best toys for babies 9 months to 1 year old for more buying advice.
  • In town, Letebele, Kodumela's driver, dropped me off at CashBuild to get my first of 3 quotations you get 3 and then pick the best deal..best prices and best materials.
  • Honestly, in my heart of hearts, I believe that McPalin at best, * at best* don't care whether or not people at their rallies voice homicidal intentions towards Obama.
  • We want recipes for this event to be *the best of the best* herb recipes from great cooks.
  • This concept of fun should include more than the few dozen people willing to grind their way through an asinine number of hours to become the best of the best*.


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