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What is the meaning of Biscayne in Hindi?

Meaning of Biscayne in Hindi is :

Definition of word Biscayne

  • Biscayne National Park, a national park in Florida (proper-noun)

Examples of word Biscayne

  • But even if you're not especially into automobiles and think that a 1,001 horsepower engine in a hand-made body that goes for a list price that could buy you a decent seven-room house on Key Biscayne is an amazing show of ostentatiousness and conspicuous consumption, you have to admit that it is a magnificent piece of automotive styling and grace in a remarkably compact and understated manner.
  • When he was living in Biscayne Gardens, North Miami and Hollywood,
  • France -- he was relaxing in a place that I think is called Biscayne in
  • That particular scheme and other frauds, operated out of an entity called Biscayne Milieu, accounted for $50 million of the fraudulent Medicare claims, prosecutors said.
  • ImpalaNamed after a show car displayed at the 1955 General Motors Motorama, the Biscayne was the least expensive model in the Chevrolet full-size car range (except in 1958), which included the Delray, Bel Air, and the Impala.


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