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What is the meaning of Blaise in Hindi?

Meaning of Blaise in Hindi is :

Definition of word Blaise

  • A male given name. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Blaise

  • Modesty Blaise is the mother of all action heroines.
  • Running an armed hold-up scam gang around Modesty Blaise is not too bright, particularly when she has friends involved she'd like to give a lot of money to.
  • Moya, with the addition of a six-minute field recording of a rant on a public street, attributed to someone called Blaise Bailey Finnegan III.
  • CA: Riverside County – Columnist - No time to be 'Blaise' about voting LINK
  • 'William Guthrie was a great melancholian,' says Wodrow, and as we read that we are reminded of some other great melancholians, such as Blaise


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