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What is the meaning of Blake in Hindi?

Meaning of Blake in Hindi is : ब्लेक

Definition of word Blake

  • Pale; wan; sallow; yellow. (adjective)

Examples of word Blake

  • And if the team does well and is in the playoff picture by the trade deadline. which they should be then trade one of the bigs not name blake after there value goes up.
  • In both cases, the user 'blake' was logged in at the time of the crash (see 'last' below).
  • Sincere converts from the GOP to the Democratic Party are always welcome. blake
  • Either keep him or put Sarah Palin in, that ought to keep the evangelical/white supremist party going strong blake
  • Yes | No | Report from jamesti wrote 3 weeks 6 days ago that petzal gives me his gun collection and miranda lambert breaks up with blake shelton and makes me her rebound! ok, sooooo ... it's a stretch.


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