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What is the meaning of Boer in Hindi?

Meaning of Boer in Hindi is : बोअर

Definition of word Boer

Examples of word Boer

  • We just believe that you should stick to your race, "he said, wearing a shirt on which was emblazoned" 100 per cent boer ", a reference to the Afrikaans word for
  • After a long consultation which came near ending in a wrangle, Willem being opposed by his companions, it was decided that they should ride round in a circle of which the dwelling of the boer should be the centre.
  • The word "boer", meaning farmer, is often used to refer to Afrikaans-speaking whites in South Africa.
  • Fourie replied he was a "boer" seeking a volkstaat.
  • According to an instruction list handed to the protesters earlier, each "boer" is to slowly load a trolley full of groceries.


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